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Hi. I’m Scott, author of seven books including the bestsellers Rejection Free and Do It Scared. On this blog I share my ideas, thoughts and experience on designing a life of creative freedom. Let me share with you what to expect from this journey.


I have spent a large part of my life figuring out the best way to live a life of freedom and the search for a meaningful life. I’ll be honest with you: the journey has not been easy. I have made a lot of mistakes along the way. But now, I can share my experience, expertise and [if I dare say] wisdom with you.


Together we can share in life’s lessons and learn as we go. I don’t have all the answers, but will gladly share with you my discoveries through writing, research and experience.


Are You Struggling With the Process?


Would You Like a Blueprint for Living?


What will you learn?

I write books and blog posts based on:

  • Developing deeper self-confidence
  • Empowering your life and overcoming mediocre strategies that go nowhere
  • Habit development [and especially how to get rid of those nasty bad habits]
  • How to write more effectively [Yes, I am a writer and one of my passions is teaching people how to write books]
  • Gain clarity on your definition of success and then, forge an action plan for making it happen.
  • Do the work you love [and stop doing what you don’t]
  • Create a life of freedom and greater happiness [no fluff here, I mean it].
  • Overcome rejection and live your life as a fearless warrior.
  • Take action and get your goals accomplished


My Mission in Writing This Blog (and why it is for you)

I am all about change and making life a fantastic trip. It really is short and our time here on earth is limited. We have to live everyday as if it is the last [because someday it will be].

I don’t accept the idea, “You have to take what you can get in this world.” I teach people how to figure out what they want to do and then, by putting their best strategies to work, they can achieve their dreams and stop working for nothing.

My passion is to create change. Our mission together is to define the best way to live a life of freedom, creativity and, to develop our strategy for making the BIG dream come true.

I publish new articles 3-4 times a week with a strong focus on breaking down our fears, empowering your passion and engaging focused strategies for living a

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