How To Take Back Control of Your Life

Why we fall for living in mediocrity                     For years I wasted my time: Excessive TV watching, playing video games or internet shopping for crap I didn’t need. I’d come home from a 9-5 job and lose myself in worthless activities until the early hours of […]

Why You Need to Stop Telling and Start Showing

I know when we get excited about the things we want to do, we talk about how successful we will be once they all get done. Maybe you have an ideal lifestyle you’d like to be leading camped out on a tropical island or living the virtual lifestyle from your laptop. Regardless what your dreams […]

Crush Your Procrastination by Removing This Word From Your Daily Vocabulary

How removing this one word from your conversations can change everything I’ve always struggled with getting things done. If I had to name the one obstacle that has slowed down my progress in life, it would be procrastination. But why do we procrastinate and put off doing until tomorrow when it could be done today? […]

Why Small Goals Matter More Than Big Resolutions

Do you want to get your goals met? Then stop making BIG promises. With the new year coming in strong, many people start to think about the habits they want to change in the upcoming new year because that’s what a “new year” is, a time to think about change. It’s an opportunity to wipe […]

Treat Relationships as Gifted Investments

In family, business and friendship the relationships you have with people are extremely valuable; In fact your relationships, for better or for worse, are valuable to you for several core reasons. Take your relationship with your children for example: It is probably the greatest single investment you will ever make of your time and your […]

How to Banish Resentment

  Taking a Swallow of “Bitter Poison” The biggest destroyer of human relationships is resentment. When we hold grudges against the people that have somehow wronged us, the only person that really suffers is you. While the other party is having a good time and living life, oblivious it the pent up anger and bitterness […]

Transformation and Building Small Habits

  The Desire to be Different For years I wanted to change a lot of things about myself. Most of those changes were personality attributes that I didn’t admire such as my laziness or lack of assertiveness. I read a lot of books and occasionally [when I felt like it] would apply what I had […]

Replacing Worn-Out Habits and Habit Identity

Your habits form the foundation for the quality of life you will enjoy, the happiness you will achieve on a daily basis, and the productivity and efficiency that makes things run smoothly in all the vital areas of your life. Habits are powerful tools that, if managed properly, operates like well-oiled machine to keep you […]

Long-Term Planning and the Pomodoro Technique

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” I know that planning something isn’t as much fun as actually doing the thing that you is planning for. This is especially true if you are struggling with your financial future or possible job prospects. Most of us would rather take it easy, […]

10 Steps to Delegating Important Work Successfully

Years ago, when I had a project to complete, I just took it for granted that it was up to me to do everything that was needed to make it successful. After all, who could I trust on my team more than myself? After nearly failing at a crucial project that was clearly meant for […]