Transformation and Building Small Habits

  The Desire to be Different For years I wanted to change a lot of things about myself. Most of those changes were personality attributes that I didn’t admire such as my laziness or lack of assertiveness. I read a lot of books and occasionally [when I felt like it] would apply what I had […]

Replacing Worn-Out Habits and Habit Identity

Your habits form the foundation for the quality of life you will enjoy, the happiness you will achieve on a daily basis, and the productivity and efficiency that makes things run smoothly in all the vital areas of your life. Habits are powerful tools that, if managed properly, operates like well-oiled machine to keep you […]

Bad Thoughts, Unrealistic Expectations and Suffering

How often do you point the finger at others and accuse them for your suffering? How many times a day do you wish that others would just get their act together and stop acting foolishly, stop making such silly mistakes; I know what this level of thinking does to people. It puts everything in a […]