Crush Your Procrastination by Removing This Word From Your Daily Vocabulary

How removing this one word from your conversations can change everything I’ve always struggled with getting things done. If I had to name the one obstacle that has slowed down my progress in life, it would be procrastination. But why do we procrastinate and put off doing until tomorrow when it could be done today? […]

Why Small Goals Matter More Than Big Resolutions

Do you want to get your goals met? Then stop making BIG promises. With the new year coming in strong, many people start to think about the habits they want to change in the upcoming new year because that’s what a “new year” is, a time to think about change. It’s an opportunity to wipe […]

How to Banish Resentment

  Taking a Swallow of “Bitter Poison” The biggest destroyer of human relationships is resentment. When we hold grudges against the people that have somehow wronged us, the only person that really suffers is you. While the other party is having a good time and living life, oblivious it the pent up anger and bitterness […]

Long-Term Planning and the Pomodoro Technique

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” I know that planning something isn’t as much fun as actually doing the thing that you is planning for. This is especially true if you are struggling with your financial future or possible job prospects. Most of us would rather take it easy, […]

10 Steps to Delegating Important Work Successfully

Years ago, when I had a project to complete, I just took it for granted that it was up to me to do everything that was needed to make it successful. After all, who could I trust on my team more than myself? After nearly failing at a crucial project that was clearly meant for […]

Forging Relationships With the Right People

ARE YOU SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE? For years I surrounded myself with the wrong people. By “wrong” I don’t mean that these people were bad in any sense [well, most of them anyway] but, they didn’t contribute to my well-being and quality of living either. And perhaps, I didn’t contribute to theirs. The […]

A Personal Lesson in Excellence

The Coffee Experience I will always remember the day I had my first lesson in excellence. I went to my favorite coffee shop and was greeted very politely by a young guy working behind the counter. Handing him my large size tumbler I ordered a large coffee, as I always did, and started to count […]

Choosing the Path of Self-Reliance

Being self-reliance puts us at a major advantage. It means that no matter what happens, in your job, the economy, or relationships, that as soon as you choose the path to become self-reliant, you are committing yourself to absolute trust…in yourself. The path of self-reliance is the highest form of independence you can choose to […]

Catalyze Your Environment for Building Better Habits

  The environment you work in, live and spend the majority of your time has everything to do with your level of productivity, efficiency and motivation for performing at peak levels. A desk cluttered with stuff, room lighting, the noise volume and location has a massive impact on your ability to concentrate and getting things […]

How to Create Your Own Idea Collection System

                Do you ever come up with stimulating ideas on the spot and you soon lose them because you didn’t record them at the time? Do you wish you could be more organized and systematic in your approach to work, hobbies or skill building? Let’s take a look […]