Crush Your Procrastination by Removing This Word From Your Daily Vocabulary

How removing this one word from your conversations can change everything


I’ve always struggled with getting things done. If I had to name the one obstacle that has slowed down my progress in life, it would be procrastination. But why do we procrastinate and put off doing until tomorrow when it could be done today?

The reason: We think that we have all the time in the world. There will always be a tomorrow so we don’t feel the urge to get it done now. We say to everyone we know: “I’ll do it later” when it could, very realistically, be done now. And then later comes and it turns into another excuse to put it off for another time. This is why we use such words as “someday.”

The word someday is, in my opinion, the most dangerous word in our daily vocabulary.

Someday I’ll start saving money. Then someday arrives and you realize you are flat broke with almost nothing to  retire on.

Someday I’ll stop smoking. Then someday arrives and you’ve developed emphysema from thirty years of smoking.

Someday I’ll write a book. Then someday comes and you’ve written nothing, but you watched a lot of reality TV.

Someday I’ll stop working so much and spend more time with my family. Then someday comes and your family is all grown up and gone.

Someday I’ll quit the job I hate and do what I love. Then someday comes and you are still doing the same job you hate only now you’re too old to get hired anywhere else.

Someday I’ll start exercising; and then you start having health problems related to lack of mobility that prevents you from exercising at all.

Someday I’ll take that trip around the world; only now you have a family and a full time job you need to keep going to to pay the bills that never end. Guess what; it’ll never happen.

Someday I’ll change my habits, read that book, take that trip, make more friends, start scuba diving, build my online business, or tell someone I love them.

All someday…

Events that never happen except in a dream.

Someday is a trap that prevents us from starting anything. It is a self-lie that only reveals itself years later when it really is too late; time has run out and you realize that all of those some days you promised yourself and others will never happen now.

Someday is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. Think about all the promises you have made to yourself and all of the somedays that have come and gone.

How many chances have already passed you by? How many things did you say you were going to do and still haven’t? Worse yet, how many of those days and opportunities are gone and can never return?

The word someday is reserved for people who will never take action towards their dreams; they’ll stay stuck in whatever fantasy-reality they’ve created and continue to create.

“Someday” is the most dangerous word in your vocabulary.

The only time that matters is now. Today. Everything that has ever happened to you has taken place in one moment of your life. The moment you just had a moment ago has just ended.

You didn’t just grow up “someday.” You grew up in your life a day at a time. But all of those days passed by quickly, didn’t they?

Do you ever look back on your life [even if you are still in your early years and reading this] and wonder “Where did that go?” Trust me; there is no time to waste. I know because in my own life I have wasted a great deal of time believing that “someday” I would do so many things. My bucket list is still full of promises I made to either myself or others. I know I could have done much more if I had set goals better, wasted less time and stay focused on what I really wanted.

Life Isn’t Finished With You Yet

Life isn’t over yet. There is still time to do what you want to do. Are you doing it now?

You only have right now, and there never has been a better time to do it than today. Maybe you want to take a trip around the world someday, but you can’t leave right away because you have to save your cash. Your trip is in the future, yes, but what you do right now is start a saving plan for your trip. If you keep saying to yourself “someday I’ll save the money” you’ll never do so much as buy a ticket.

You want to write and publish  a book? You can’t write it in one day so it isn’t going to be published tomorrow; but what you can do is write 500 words a day, or even a thousand on a good day. Now in three months you have your book. So instead of your someday being some far off distant dream, it’s now a more realistic goal because you are working towards it every day step-by-step.

Small daily actions can crush your someday habit.

But what about all the other excuses? The “in the moment” stuff that needs immediate action before the moment is gone. That fleeting second when you have just enough time to make a snap decision before the moment is gone?

Your child smiles at you and you don’t smile back cause you’re in a bad mood. Moment gone. Forget about someday; that moment just came and went. But what are you going to do next time? By recognizing the moments you fail to do what you intended, you can be better prepared if there is a next time. Don’t miss any more moments.

Someone needs help and you hesitate, questioning whether to help them because you might be late for work. Then someone else steps in and takes care of it. Moment gone. You spend all day thinking about that moment you wish you had back.

Life is full of fleeting moments that come and go. It is full of distant wishes that someday might come true IF we do something about it today.

Imagine this: it is your last day on earth. Hard to imagine? Steve Jobs died when he was just 56. Actor Heath Ledgar was only 28. How old are you? Life is ending, and it could be in thirty minutes or thirty years.

The Last Time

There will come a time when your spouse will tell you she loves you…the last time

There will come a time you will get on an airplane…for the last time.

There will come a time you will walk through a beautiful park…for the last time.

You will love, eat and laugh…all for the last time.

And the thing is, we don’t know when this last time will be.

Tomorrow? In five years?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Time is Non-Negotiable

If you had a choice right now, to have back five years of your life or five million dollars, which way would you go? I’ll guess that you want the time back. Five million is a lot of money but your life is worth more than that. Even if you had a hard life, time is the most valuable asset you own. Money can’t buy it back. You can’t negotiate for more time, but knowing this we can do as much as possible with what we have.

Time is an opportunity in the moment

As I pointed out in this post, everything is happening in the moment. Opportunity, choices and the chance to experience something that could change your life for the better.

When I look back I remember a lot of moments that I wish I had made that different choice, not overreacted or gotten angry; we have had times when, instead of seizing the moment we were seized by it and gave into fear or greed. That is in the past. Your future is happening now. And that’s right, it is not in the someday but today.

What choices will you make?

How will you exercise your emotions and temper?

What will you do so you can give more and take less?

The Best Time to Start is Now.

I used my excuse called “someday” to prevent me from starting anything new. When I immediately switched someday to right now, I acted differently. I treated every day as if there were no other. I appreciated those instant moments more than I ever had before. I had a deeper gratitude for the stuff that I knew wasn’t going to last forever.

Gratitude is a gift that we can’t afford to ignore. Develop a deep gratitude for the things you have, and love what you have in your life today.

Do this and you’ll love your life more than ever before.

Value your moments, and do what you can with each one.

What are you waiting for?

What is it you are starting today?

Who are you going to help today?

What difference will your choices make today?
You can do this. Put away the someday excuses. Do it today.

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