How To Stop Majoring in Minor Things [and FOCUS on what matters]

Master to Your Distractions Do you ever find yourself overly busy but not really getting anywhere with your life? Do you spend countless hours “doing stuff” but at the end of the day you have nothing to show for all your hard work? Are you easily pulled off course and wind up feeding into other people’s […]

Giving Up Short of the Goal

              Let me share an embarrassing secret with you: I have alway had the “bad habit” of giving up on things before I had a chance to really be good at them. If I started playing the piano, I would give up after a few lessons; when I started […]

Time Investment: Managing Your Greatest Resource

Time Investment is Your Greatest Resource The most formidable obstacle that stands between you and your dreams is the efficient and effective use of time, a limited and irreplaceable resource. Time management, the ability to apply your time efficiently and in a manner that reflects the importance of your life, is the personal navigation system […]

Crafting Your Image Through False Expectations

I don’t know of anybody that consciously chooses to fail at anything. it isn’t a deliberate decision. And yet, you may be making important decisions today that are setting you up for failure. I used to complain that I had no time to do the things that I wanted to do, such as writing blog […]

A Lesson In Excellence

Just a Coffee? I will always remember the day I had my first lesson in excellence. I went to my favorite coffee shop and was greeted very politely by a young guy working behind the counter. Handing him my large size tumbler I ordered a large coffee, as I always did, and started to count […]

Eliminating Toxic Relationships

            Relationships make us or break us. They bring positive energy into our lives, or they sabotage it. Many relationships we have on a  daily basis are static or neutral. They serve a function that has no direct impact on your life. But what about other relationships such as wives/husbands, […]

Happiness Comes Later: The Ultimate Illusion

The Illusion of a Better Tomorrow Most people believe being happy is something that is coming later. I will be happy when I get more money, a better job, or meet the right person. You hold onto the belief that what you are doing and being now is not enough, and that “if” this happened […]